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Bird Removal & Control

How to Get Rid of Birds Through Bird Control


Looking to get rid of birds through bird removal or pigeon removal?  We have the right pigeon control and bird control answers.

Bird control becomes important when you are trying to get some sleep, and need to figure out how to get rid of birds.  All you hear outside your window, and perched on top of the windowsill are birds.  When you are out camping and enjoying other activities where nature is the highlight you expect to hear birds chirping.  However, in the comfort of your home the constant chirping of birds living their lives can be a bit overwhelming.

Bird control is a method used to eliminate or deter pesky birds from nesting, roosting, or landing on your property.  After all, plenty of trees exist for birds to use for raising their families.

Bird Removal

Bird removal is not easy because birds are smart little creatures.  In addition, they are everywhere.   Most cities and states do not allow the use of chemical poisons meant for the kill.  However, if the poison will not kill the bird it can be used, with low to limited bird removal results.

Pigeon Control


There is no pigeon control is the UK.  Can you believe that in some countries pigeons are lawfully protected from harm?  For example in the UK no pigeon control may be done to destroy a pigeon nest without a license.

Although labeled an invasive species, in the US it seems as if there is no pigeon control.  It is literally impossible to go on any American beach without a pigeon stalker, because pigeons run rampant.  If you pull out a bag of food, you will have hundreds of pigeons surrounding you watching.

Pigeon control is needed because these pigeons are are pretty much a nuisance.  Pigeons damage property mostly with their droppings.  Not to mention, the bacteria they spread in their droppings.  Additionally, the awful noise they continuously make, called cooing, when talking to their pigeon friends.

Pigeon Removal


Sometimes pigeon removal can be cruel.  Did you know that the mother and father pigeons, which stay together for life, take turns watching their young?  Yes, family life is important to pigeons.  It is because of this that you do not want to be vicious in bird elimination.  However, keep in mind that pigeon’s breed incredibly quickly.

Reasons for Pigeon Removal

  • Each pigeon life, when they are in a happy atmosphere, is approximately fifteen (15) years. They have one (1) to three (3) babies, approximately every 20-30 days.   Now, that is many pigeons spreading their diseased drippings, and continuous cooing.

How to Perform Pigeon Removal


  • The most effective pigeon removal method for getting rid of pigeons is through taking away their food supply. Food seems to make pigeons extremely happy, and happy pigeons breed quicker.  Not feeding the pigeons will increase pigeon removal and decrease their population by thirty (30) percent.
  • Another effective of pigeon removal method is creating nesting homes for the pigeons. The pigeons love family life, so they go into the home and make babies.  Except every time they lay eggs the eggs get taken away.  Not so happy after all, but it prevents an overabundance of pigeons.
  • Research also shows that some states such as Colorado have given pigeons contraceptives as another way to exert pigeon control. The contraceptive called Ovocontrol P, comes with mixed reviews on how well it worked.
  • The most widespread method to pigeon control are laying spikes everywhere a pigeon likes to nest. It does not control the population but keeps them away from specific areas.

Always remember, birds have families and lives.  Be kind!