Danville Raccoon Removal

Advanced Animal Removal will rid you of your raccoon related problems in Danville. Whether if raccoons were getting into your crawlspace or attic to nest and vandalise your insulation or ducting. Or if the raccoons were digging for grub in your yard, swimming in your pool or just hassling you and your pet poodle. The truth about these cute little bandits is that they can degrade the value of your property by tearing up and soiling your insulation. They can harness many diseases and bacteria from roundworm, tularemia, listeriosis to rabies. When your ducting becomes damaged these airborne organisms can potentially venture into your home via heater or air con system. People with low immune systems cannot fight off these diseases and they can become ill over time.

This is where we come in. We do the complete scope of work regarding raccoons. Advanced Animal Removal are licensed wildlife operators that will humanly trap all raccoons and then exclude off your premise. We can inspect and tell you what damage has been caused. We repair and prevent animals from coming back in.

We are also Attic and Crawlspace Restoration Specialist. We specialize in decontamination via replacement of all soiled insulation, broken ducting and we use a high powered atomizer to apply a germicidal / virucidal agent (non-toxic) enzyme to rid of diseases, bacteria, odor and the attractant (can summon other animals) that was left behind. We work well with insurance companies to help you restore your attic or crawlspace at no charge to you. Give us a call for more details: (925)264-9453