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Dead Animal Removal

dead rat attic home

Dead animal removal is a necessity if you own a home. With the abundance of wildlife becoming more adaptive to modern environments, they seem to multiply and get themselves into places where they shouldn’t be. We get calls with dead animals dying in all sorts of places:

  • Dead rats in the wall, attic, light fixture, vaulted ceiling
  • Dead raccoon under deck, bathtub, home, concrete slab
  • Dead skunk in crawlspace, swimming pool, flower bed, car engine
  • Endless possibilities where a dead animal can lay to rest

Anywhere there is a cavity, it’s a potential area these animals can die in. There is no area we can’t get into and remove a dead animal.

Dead animal removal should only be performed if you have access to the proper equipment:

  • Hazmat suit
  • Gloves
  • Respirator
  • A way to take it to the dump or county animal services center

Our services involve all types of dead animal removal. If it’s dead it has to come out and our operators know exactly how to do so. We have the trained nose to follow and pinpoint where these dead animals are located. Dead animal removal services include:

dead raccoon

Dead Raccoon Removal from pool (above picture), Dead Deer Removal (lower picture).

dead deer

Do you smell an odor of rotting flesh? Is it coming from under your home, in the walls, or in your attic? Do you see a dead animal outside? Dead deer, raccoon, rats, skunk, opossum or any other animal and you need it removed today?! Then you can give us a call. Our professional wildlife operators have the newest technology to look inside walls, deodorize foul smell and clean up afterwards, and to of course the knowledge to remove dead animals.

  • Cut shrub divisions that may overhang the top line of buildings.
  • Eliminate firewood placed against the building.
  • If there are breaks in the fundamental walls of your building, repair them.
  • Seal up all broken foundation vents.

Most Common Reasons for Dead Animal Removal

  • Deceased rat or rabbit in the basement or attic
  • Deceased opossum or raccoon under the house
  • Deceased rat or rabbit in the walls
  • Or, simply, a dead deer in your yard

Step by Step Guidelines to Dead Animal Removal in a House:

(please visit for more help: Animal Attic and Crawlspace Cleanup

Dead creature elimination is not easy.   You may have to creep into tiny, dirty crawl spaces or under houses, often-dangerous circumstances.

You’ll want to remove the dead animal carcass and spray down the area with a decontaminant. Nevertheless, dead creature elimination is a necessary service, and few tasks are needed.

  • Step 1 Figure out where the odor is centralized.
  • Step 2 If it died in the walls then sniff the sheetrock to see if it’s right behind the wall. It’ll be the strongest where it died. If in the crawlspace or attic then keep in mind of where it’s strongest so when someone goes under they’ll know about where it’ll be.
  • step 3 Consider the structure in that area. Is there a tiny crawl space area below? Or a basement area? Maybe a cavity?
  • Step 4 You must wear a hazmat and respirator when going in the attic or crawlspace. Sniff it out! Look in the insulation. If it’s in the walls then create at least a 4-5 inch diameter hole with a hole saw to remove the carcass.
  • Step 5 Eliminate the body and bag it. Get all the detritus mopped up. Apply a decontaminant.

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