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Bats living in the attic in Ferndale:

Each spring and summer a maternal colony of little brown bats returns to the attic at the memorable Hovander House. This riverside park features a historic house & wood barn, farm animals & antique harvest equipment.

The females each give birth to such baby bats, known as a pup, and raise them in the big, hot space of the attic. When the mothers go out at night to eat insects, the pups, which are born exposed, huddle hand in hand for warmth. There could be 1,000 bats or greater roosting in the residence at Hovander Homestead Park in Ferndale during a season, although nobody is certain of the actual number.

On a Friday, tiny group of children and adults waited on a lawn outside the front of the residence for the bats, a inhabitant species known as Yuma myotis, to emerge. They did at sundown, their squeaks audible even if their hurried zigzagging flights from the hole in the wall were hard to see against the darkening sky.

The Whatcom County Parks Department wants to keep the bats from coming back next year. The home, which is more than a 100 years old, will gain a new roof this fall once all of the bats are gone. The attic is too cool for them in winter. The bat’s main entry points will be sealed-off as part of the project.

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