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Raccoon Digging Up Lawn

Prevent a Raccoon Digging in Your Yard

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Why is a Raccoon Digging Up My Lawn?

Raccoons forage for grub, grub and more grubs… This is the only reason why raccoons dig up your lawn. Read more to stop raccoon digging.

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How to Prevent Raccoons From Digging in Your Yard:

Proven methods that work:

I have applied these methods to my client’s property many times with good results. But, ultimately, trapping and removing a persistent raccoon will remedy to problem.

  • Beneficial Nematodes and grub killer– When used correctly it keeps grubs away up to two years. To be applied only during the warm months.
  • Cheap garden bird netting– Pin netting over your lawn. Purchase from your local hardware store. Initially, it takes time and work but if you can keep the netting over your lawn for at least two weeks (maybe more), it’ll motivate the raccoons to go somewhere else.
  • Electric fence or wire– Applying electric wire 8 inches high and 8 inches away from the exterior base of a fence will discourage most critters from getting through. Also, wrapping an electrical wire around a tree trunk where raccoons climb will work.
  • Raccoon Trapping– It is advisable to hire a wildlife operator as the average homeowner will lack the proper equipment to trap and remove the animal after it’s been trapped. Plus, relocating (check laws) can usually end up with the animal desperately trying to return only to be hit by a vehicle.

Methods that DO NOT work against raccoons digging up your lawn:

These methods I have seen many clients use only having to call me for a better solution.

  • Ammonia– I’ve literally seen raccoons pee and poop in ammonia filled bowls that were scattered to protect the grapes at the owner’s vineyard. Ammonia is not strong enough in open spaces like your yard.
  • Motion-sensored sprinklers– These devices will startle raccoons but these animals are usually very confident and they will return as they are quick learners. It’s less of a deterrent towards a pack of raccoons as these packs aren’t afraid of humans in certain situations- Raccoons attack a couple and a dog
  • Radios– Maybe this method will work against a mother raising babies in a confined area, such as an attic or crawlspace, but not out in open space like your yard. Radios facing a den in close quarters causes human proximity concerns which will motivate mother raccoon to leave.
  • Coyote urine– If you live in urban areas where coyotes are scarce and or don’t live, then these raccoons do not recognize the predator scent which cause coyote urine not to work.
  • Fences– Raccoons can dig under the fence or exploit cracks in the fence to climb over it.

What Are Grubs & How To Get Rid Of Grubs?

Grub worms are larvae from Japanese beetles (and other beetles), who lay their eggs in the summertime and rise to the surface in August. This is usually the time when your friendly neighborhood raccoons sniff them out. The raccoons will dig these little insects up and they’ll do so all night under the cover of darkness. Unfortunately, getting rid of lawn grubs usually takes time due to timing and process. Check this out on How to Get Rid of Grubs.

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