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Are you noticing heavy walking in your attic? Banging in your crawlspace? Maybe chirping noises at night? You might have raccoons living on your property and require raccoon removal and control. Summer time is birthing season and is when raccoons are most active. They do not hibernate and we get many complaints all year round.  A lot damage caused by raccoons happen in the attic and crawlspace of  property. Raccoons will soil, and tear up insulation causing thousands of dollars in damages. Raccoons carry roundworm and possibly rabies. Their fur and pheromones will attract mates to multiply so finding a solution will be best for your property, pets and loved ones. Call our licensed wildlife trapper performing Contra Costa Raccoon Removal services.

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Raccoon Logic

Raccoons can attack your dog — Be cautious

Can raccoons harm you?

You can be certain that they won´t head straight to attack you. However, they will harm you in an indirect way. Apart from the annoying noises (which can be immensely scary if you don´t know they’re from raccoons), urine stains, and missing objects, their feces contain a bacteria that can severely damage humans when breathed. Furthermore, they will damage insulation structures if they’ve been living in your attic for a long time.

If they´ve been living in your attic for a while, you can be completely certain that they have already caused damaged of some kind. In this kind, the investment made will be much bigger, as you will have plenty of things to repair and clean. Even worse, the health consequences that they can bring to you and your family can definitely be disastrous.

How to identify raccoons

Without the proper knowledge and previous experience, it is really hard to identify them just by the sound they make. That added to the fact that the attic´s infrastructure will distort the sound will make it even harder for you to determine the species of the animal.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that the only way these animals can be identified by regular residents is by seeing them. These rodents are known for having a black “mask” with white edges. They also have a medium-sized tail with black rings on it.

If you spot one of them in your house, you´re best and only efficient option is to immediately call professionals. Do not attempt to use any kind of poison or substance to scare them off or kill them, for they are completely useless against these rodents.

If you do manage to kill them using other approaches, they proceed to rot inside your house, making the situation even worse for you and for your family. Not only is the smell disgusting, but it can cause health complications as well. Your best option is to keep them alive and isolated until our experts arrive.

If you have any question or concern, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to help you out. We will tell you everything you need to know and do before we arrive at your location.

Why seek for professional help?

If you have little or no experience at all with these animals, chances are you won´t be able to remove them on your own. In fact, these animals are pretty indomitable, for no noise or bright light will scare them off.

Waiting for them to leave on their own by leaving the door open is not an option either, for they´ve found a comfortable and safe place for their babies, which means they won´t be willing to leave anytime soon. In case they do, their babies will leave their babes in your home, which means passive aggressive techniques are definitely ineffective.

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How to Prevent Raccoons From Digging in Your Yard:


Proven methods that work:

I have applied these methods to my client’s property many times with good results…. here.

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