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Rats can wriggle into the tightest of places

Do you hear noise in your attic? Here are things to look for:

  • Trees or high plants over-hanging onto your roof
  • Tall fence about a foot away from your roof
  • Dirty smudge, oily residue or animal tracks on upper part of home

It’s possible you have raccoons, squirrels, rats or even opossums in your attic. If you have over-hanging trees, you’re giving would-be animals an invitation into your attic. There are almost always a slight opening (point of entry) left behind by construction workers when building your property.

Do you hear noise in your crawlspace? If you have:

  • Any broken screen vents
  • Burrowing under foundation
  • Living on a slope or hill where the earth will shift a lot
  • Garage door weather-striping in poor condition

You may have rats, skunks, opossums or raccoons. Performing animal removal in your crawlspace as fast as possible will help depreciate the value of your home as these animals cause damage to insulation, HVAC ducting, and will also contaminate your home of disease and odor.

Concord Animal Removal – Raccoons in the attic

It’s a common place to have babies. Especially in the summers month’s. The most ideal situation is to make your presence known to the mother raccoon, let her know you’re on to her, so you can motivate her to pick up her pups and leave during night. It saves the lives of the raccoon babies. This does not always work as they can be very persistent and feel like obligated to stay since it took so long to find a cozy attic to call home. Raccoons in the attic will soil your insulation and I’ve seen so much pee, where it leaked through the attic sheet rock. It will stink up the entire house and attract aggressive male raccoons that are foraging nearby. The raccoon poop left behind will cause disease as well that can potentially get absorbed into your living space through a broken ducting the raccoons jumped onto.