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Skunk Removal & Control


Skunk Removal & Control

Do you have little holes dug up around your yard? You probably have skunks and require skunk removal and control. Skunks are about the shape of a squirrel but a little bit bigger.  Skunks will not attack you, skunks will not attack animals or humans.  They look much a like a squirrel with the long fuzzy tail.  However, they have a couple of distinct characteristics that will tell you this is no squirrel.

  1. Firstly, almost all skunks have a very distinct color. You can notice them by a white furry line stripped lengthwise down the back of their bodies, on top of pitch-black fur.
  2. Secondly, all skunks release a very peculiar odor. Once you smell it you will probably know it came from a skunk because there is no odor on earth like it, and it can last for weeks.

What does a skunk sound like?

Skunk noise will differ depending on age but have a common attribute– squealing.

  • litter of skunks

Skunk Digging in Yard

 skunk removal

If you see, many little holes dug around in your yard.  You might have skunks.

  • All the damage from skunk hole digging will take place at night because skunks sleep all day.
  • The holes will be small, but sometimes they cause a lot of damage. They will look as a tilled garden, and the holes will not be very deep.

The Best Skunk Control is Skunk Removal

You need skunk control when a pesky skunk critter makes a decision to become your neighbor.  Worst do you have a skunk lurking around trying to take up visitation rights in your domain?  If the answer is yes, you’re not alone, it happens very often.  You will want skunk control fast.  Trapping skunks is actually the most humane method of skunk control.

Skunks Digging Under Home

Removing Skunks in Crawlspace


Although it’s not a minor problem, mainly because of skunk smell.  Please do not become terrified should they be around your home don’t panic. You can easily implement skunk control and skunk removal yourself.

To get a skunk out of the crawlspace:

  • Find out where the point of entry is located.
  • Install a trap door cage, and then follow the skunk removal instructions on this page above.
  • Lastly, make sure exclusion barriers are set up around the crawlspace to stop the critters from coming back.

How to Perform Skunk Removal:

  • First, you will need to check the laws in your city or state. Some areas only allow professional skunk trappers to perform the skunk removal.
  • If you can remove the skunk yourself get a cage with a trap-shutting door. Make sure the cage is large enough to contain the animal.  It should be so large that a raccoon should be able to fit inside of it.
  • Put some skunk food in there for them. Skunks like to eat soil insects, berries, animal eggs, and plant matter, especially insects.  However, to make things easier for you, put some animal food in the cage for the skunk.  Wet cat food works the best.  They sleep during the day so you will need to put the food in the cage at sunset.
  • Take the trap and put it where the skunk will be.
  • After you see that you got yourself a skunk in the trap, put on a facemask. Not that it will help take the smell away, but it might make you feel better if you get sprayed with its smell.  Also, step up to the cage with a plastic sheet covering the front of you.   In addition, most important do not let the skunk see you.  A skunk will not spray you with “the smell” if it cannot see where or what to spray.  Walk slowly and please remain covered.

Sometimes skunks will spray whenever they get scared.  If your skunk decides to start spraying aimlessly the plastic will be the protection you need.  Hope it does not happen but in any case take that plastic and drape it over the skunk cage to make sure.

Now you are protected, and the skunk is trapped.

  • Now take the skunk trap making sure you never allow your finger to enter into the trap, and put it on bicycle. Why a bicycle?  Because if that skunk sprays inside your vehicle you wont get that hideous smell out for weeks. Remember some states do not allow relocation of wildlife. Check your state laws. But we do know it is illegal to relocate wildlife in California.
  • Then drive the skunk about five to ten miles away.
  • If you do no want to deal with skunk control, we highly recommend hiring a wildlife operator. Call us to hire your local wildlife operator.

Excellent!  Now you can sit back and relax in a skunk free atmosphere.  Awesome!

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